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Happy New Year from Robin, the Lovelock Family, and Snoopy Snoopy

xmas04 picture of Lovelock family
Christmas 2004 with Michelle, Samantha, June's dad Jack, June, Saskia, Scott,
and Scott's parents Sue and Eddie.

silly xmas picture of Lovelock family

dinner with the Lovelocks - shared with old friends Kay and Steve - captured by Kristina.
Yes, we wear those silly hats all the time - especially at Christmas :-)

2004 News from the Lovelock Family

Robin and June in Spain Michael and Sally January saw Robin and June taking their first winter holiday, staying with Michael and Sally at their place in Portman , Spain. June helped Robin with his " bottle tracking project" to maintain his reputation as a "mad scientist". Artist Layla Curtis (top centre) was commissioned by The Turner Centre for some "art" : school children threw fifty bottles into the sea off Ramsgate. Some were "GPS bottles", tracked on a large screen at the Margate exhibition and on the internet. Research, involving drinking many bottles of wine, was needed until we eventually found the required large Frascati bottles, able to hold the electronics. Homer Simpson Scott helped with some of this research. The bottles were launched on Robin's birthday, and the next day June and Robin attended the opening of the Margate exhibition. Some bottles made it to Holland, weeks later, when Robin and June were taking their summer holiday in Italy. June and Jack June's dad Jack Ponsford comes round most weekday evenings for a glass of wine and a game of snooker. Robin enjoys taking half the games off Jack, but much prefers to see young Scott being thrashed by the old man. Michelle now has a regular day-job, as an accountant, in addition to her landlady role of fleecing poor Warwick Uni' students staying at her house in Coventry. She is also learning new skills such as plumbing. June continues with her day job, working for our old friends Pam and Alan at Quartz Electronics. Robin works for a few hours each day, supporting his GPS Software business on, but he gives priority to hobbies , such as taking aerial videos from a model aircraft when the weather permits. Michelle Scott and Saskia, pictured here with Homer Simpson at the front of our house, have booked Sunninghill Church for their wedding on 18th June 2005. Robin has started thinking about "Wedding Costs", including the reception. His favorite idea so far is a Salvation Army soup kitchen on our front lawn, plus a few crates of cheap beer. Maybe that explains Saskia's glum face on the left. Samantha still works for Nielsen Media Research in Bracknell, continues with the Japanese lessons, cat bear and fish and this year actually took a package holiday in Japan. Samantha in Japan Our lazy pussy cat Ginger is still with us, as you see here, being "wound-up" by a mischievous teddy-bear.

All our love and the very best good wishes from the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

all of us