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Blog7: Snoopy Sloop robot boat tests, repairs, and changes
from the Brief Atlantic Attempt in December 2017 until now.

"I always wanted to be an engineer, and now I are one !"

Updated 1450 Z/GMT/UT Tuesday 9th January 2018 UK time
Preparing Snoopy's Boat11 for the 2017 UK to USA Atlantic Attempt; Bray Lake Tests; 24/7 Testing done; Boat11 is ready !
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You probably reached this "Blog7" page from the Snoopy page, or the Design of Snoopy Sloop page . If not, click on a link to know more.
Each "blog" page describes detailed work preparing for the next Atlantic Attempt. i.e. covering a period in the region of a year: less if more than one attempt is made. The Blog pages were started after the first 2012 Attempt, where Snoopy's boat was lost. All later attempts were with the same boat, sometimes after major repairs. The blogs provide online "Engineering Notebooks", providing a day-by-day account of repairs, changes, and testing: mostly testing.

Origin of wheels for Snoopy's trolley click here for more on the Horse who snatched Snoopy These blog pages are mostly about numerous repairs to the boat, results from "BRAY LAKE TESTS", or 24/7 reliability testing on Bray Lake. i.s. Snoopy sailing back and forth over a 24/7 waypoint in "Snoopy Corner". This is typically for several weeks, in all weather, including gale force winds. Sometimes, a few things happened which resulted in amusing pictures or stories, such as countering human-intervention, or testing the wheels for Snoopy's trolly. Click on the pictures either side for larger versions, or visit earlier blogs above. BlogX, the "blog of experiments", shows ideas and products, some of which may appear in future boats.

December 2017 : problems solved such as EMC interence with GPS and under-steering ...

Following is extracted from Blog6 - final Bray Lake Tests showing that Boat 11 is ready.

Friday 1st December 2017: The Youtube video is below, for those who want to see it. Robin and June tool a very early trip to Slough today, for an 0630 hospital appointment: full anesthetic to fit a plate into her broken wrist. He took a printout of "Quebec" while he waited, and saw suitable changes for new version "Romeo". Increased rudder gearing as function of direction error, which should reduce zig-zag; The better TTS handling, such as "Left 15" more often can be left as is. Not a software bug but just a constant that needs to be changed: symbol MAXDERR = 120. This is the error angle for full rudder. We will try 30 and test again. If it is too small, we may see over-steering, reflected in a faster zig-zag rate of ~ 14 secs/cycle. We now have version "Romeo" ( AP28X2R.BAS ) in the test box, and testing has started. June and Robin placed their food order before lunch: see the menu below. However, Robin left before they ate, and returned to collect her mid afternoon. She was not given a doggy bag, but they did get these Wallace and Vomit hats. THEN she dragged Robin out to The Dog and Partridge, for the Royal Ascot Tennis Club Christmas Dinner ! :-) white strip video of 30th November 2017 Boat 11 GPS Loggers on 30th November 2017 Woodstock on 30th November 2017 Posh Slough Menu 2017 tough as nails :-) Ascot Tennis Club Xmas 2017

white strip

Wednesday 6th December 2017: Click on pictures to expand. Peter, Dick and Robin to Snoopy's Boats 11 and 12 for Bray Lake Test with software version "Romeo" on 1st December. This gives much more rudder effect as explained earlier. It risks oversteering zig-zag, but also poor upwind performance, since the "natural taking" relies on the boat gathering speed. The GPS Plot is from GPS Logger #1 data, in the latter part of ra061217.nme for Autopilot GPS followed by GPS Logger #1. Both give similar plots. Both boats, with the same software, failed to do well upwind. They were re-launched from further along the bank, to get a better cross-wind path to Alpha. Boat 11 sailed reasonably straight cross wind, but with a fast zig-zag indicating over-steering. Boat 12, carrying Peter's TTS telemetry and Compass Logger, seemed to behave similarly. We were all confused by Boat 12's new "Rudder Dial": it moved in the opposite direction to that on Boat 11. See the picture. Is there a simple solution like a mirror ? :-) Boat 12's GPS LOGGER #2 IS FAULTY ! Sorry Peter, but we have no GPS Logger data for today ! It seems Robin did not test it properly after replacing the GPS, after it got wet. The Ardulog orange LED flashes, but not the green LED, as GPS Logger #1. Robin should have replaced the Ardulog and tested it properly ! Videos from the three cameras has yet to be edited and processed. SOFTWARE CHANGE ! Boats 11 and 12 Autopilots are now loaded with version "Romeo 6th December 2017", in AP28X2R.BAS, known to Team-Joker guys. Robin made an inspired guess of DIRERR=60 from 30. i.e. half the rudder gearing as the 30 that sailed today, but still twice the 120 of recent days before. Why the rush ? Because there is not time to analyse the video before tomorrow. i.e. the ammount the boat turns, for a given rudder movement. But as is often the case, Robin has probably guessed wrongly :-) white strip Inside box of Boat 12 on Wednesday 6th December 2017 GPS Plot of Boat 11 on Wednesday 6th December 2017 Video of Wednesday 6th December 2017 white strip

white strip

Thursday 7th December 2017: Click on pictures to enlarge or play. Yesterday's video is above, with cross-wind extracts from Mobius at end. Today Peter, Dick and Robin, took Snoopy's Boats 11 and 12 for good Bray Lake Tests: see results below. Boat 11 GPS Logger data is in rb071217.nme , and Robin was very pleased with the result: the whole trip in 38 minutes. Eric's Boat 12, with the same software, did two trips, even faster, as expected. The Boat 12 GPS Logger data is in rx071217.nme and ry071217.nme . There is a LOT on our video to see, including first water tests of Peter's Team Joker's "Woodstock", and glimpses of bungee jumping for filming of a Channel 4 TV Pilot. Enjoy the video :-)

white strip Video Thursday 7th December 2017 GPS Plot of Boat 11 on Thursday 7th December 2017 GPS Plot of Boat 12 trip #1 on Thursday 7th December 2017 GPS Plot of Boat 12 trip #2 on Thursday 7th December 2017

white strip

Snoopy's Boat 11 Brief Atlantic Attempt on Friday 15th December 2017...

The details are in Snoopy's Brief 2017 Attempt page: In short: Snoopy tumbled in the surf and broke his mast ! - but nice video :-)

2017 Brief Atlantic Attempt

white strip Saturday 16th December 2017: Mostly editing yesterday's video and updating pages such as this. However, Boat 11 has been repaired, using 4mm carbon fibre rod inside the broken c/f mast tube. The brass mast guide tube was replaced, since the other had bent and was not a sliding fit. Most of the work was the string stays, etc.

Snoopy's "Recce" Seaside Trip on Sunday 7th January 2018 ...

Details, including a video, are here . The surf stopped an attempt, but we learnt some lessons. e.g. Magic Seaweed is fallible; Difficult to find a better launch spot than Groin 18, west of Boscombe Pier. Surf seen offshore of Sandbanks; Peter found a snag in his SPOT tracking mapping support software, which is now fixed.

Sunday 7th January 2018

Other stuff ...

See "BlogX", describing background experimental work from 2008 until now. See the Recce, Compass , Software , and many Blog pages, for details of the vast ammount of experiments and testing, done over the years. Yes, there is a lot there, and you need a wide screen to scroll through it. I wish I'd written the blogs tidier, but they are better than nothing, and my time is precious. Now WHERE are the details of the autoplots in Boat6 and Boat10 used for that race in July 2014 ?

Play the video to see how well Snoopy's 2014 boat 10 did against the smaller experimental boat 6 on 11th July 2014. The speech from the autopilot of Boat6 implies it was using experimental compass-based steering. i.e. "ahead, ahead, left, ahead", etc. Boat 10 used our old, trusted, GPS-Only steering. Why did Boat6 win ? Much less weight: see the Blog for Boats 11 and 12 having a race with identical autopilots on Thursday 6th July 2017, three years later. We can learn a lot from what we did in earlier years, if we write it down - or better still, film it :-) white strip

Snoopy's Bray Lake Test ... sail 530 metres automatically, through 5 waypoints ...

Bray Lake used for testing of the robot boats

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